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  • Download theme blogger mirip

    Tech Deals at its best

    stay tune to for more lagi Discount 50%
  • Download theme blogger mirip

    Tech Deals at its best

    stay tune to for more lagi Discount 50%
  • Download theme blogger mirip

    Tech Deals at its best

    stay tune to for more lagi Discount 50%
  • Download theme blogger mirip

    Tech Deals at its best

    stay tune to for more lagi Discount 50%
  • Download theme blogger mirip

    Tech Deals at its best

    stay tune to for more lagi Discount 50%
  • Blog Development Services

    Web Dev
    USD $12 - $20

    What is a Blog? Whats up? how important? Perhaps the above question must have come to your mind at this time. To answer that question, you are reading the right article.

    A blog is a tool that can be used for writing or sharing articles. Blogs play a role in business development, school, documentation, portfolios, or even sharing everyday stories.

    Want to create a blog but don't know how? Don't worry, in this article I will provide a blogging service with a Google platform called Blogger.

    In addition to WordPress, Blogger was also popular especially in the 2000s. One of the benefits of using Blogger is that it is cheap and very secure.

    Creating an online blog from scratch takes a lot of time. Not to mention the optimization of meta tags, looks and SEO (Search Engine Optimazion).

    What are benefits of using our services?

    1. Free to choose brand name cheap price.
    2. Price included with TLD domain.
    3. Premium Template Bonus.
    4. Customize Settings and Meta Tags.
    5. Get a nofollow link as a testimonial.
    6. Processing time is only 5 hours.
    7. Free SEO Consultancy, Templates etc for 1 month.

    A domain is a specific address for a blog without using Blogger's default URL. To be clear, here's what URLs look like using domains and not:

    With Domain :
    Without Domain :

    As explained above, you will get premium templates, backlinks, display customization and SEO. When compared to other services, the packages we offer can be said to be cheap.

    In addition, we will also provide special pages related to writing activities or display modifications.

    The price you pay includes everything to get your blog up and running and into Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results.

    Price :-

    The price we set varies according to the domain name you want to use. For more details, please choose one of the following packages:

    Domain Price Active
    .org 20$ 1 Year
    .net 18$ 1 Year
    .com 16$ 1 Year
    .in 14$ 1 Year
    .xyz 12$ 1 Year

    Note: The above price list is valid for the first year only. Normal rates will then be charged from the domain name provider.

    How to Order :-

    To order or place an order, please contact us via the following link:

    After clicking the link above, don't forget to complete the following writing format:

    Name: Your Name Here
    Blog Name : Your Blog Name Here
    Blog Description : Your Blog Description
    Domain :

    Payment Method :-

    As of now we only accept payments using Fino Payments Bank, PhonePe UPI, Google Pay UPI, Paytm UPI, Airtel UPI, ICICI Bank UPI, Bhim UPI. Oh yes, only after the payment is done.

    Fino Payments Bank Xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Phone Pe (UPI) Xxxxxxxxxx@ybl
    Google Pay (UPI) Xxxxxxxxxx@okhdfcbank
    Paytm (UPI) Xxxxxxxxxx@paytm
    Aitel (UPI) Xxxxxxxxxx@airtel
    ICICI Pay (UPI) Xxxxxxxxxx.imb@icici
    Bhim (UPI) Xxxxxxxxxx@upi

    FAQ :-

    Can money be refunded?

    If the blog has been created, the money cannot be refunded.

    Is there a price reduction?

    None (all in one package)..

    What if I want to build a website using WordPress?

    Sorry, for now we only provide blogger website building service. But in future we will also provide website building services using WordPress CMS.

    Can you work directly?

    Yes, specifically India for all regions of the country (location determined by us).

    Conclusion :-

    You can get many services here if you purchase our website development services, but your satisfaction is our top priority. I have shared all the information about website development services using blogger. If you liked our facility then you can go ahead with the above description. Thank you.

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