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  • FlutterFlow Latest Features | What you need to know

    Discover the latest features and updates in FlutterFlow. Stay up to date with what you need to know about this popular visual UI builder for Flutter a

    New Features For You ✨ 

    Last week was our 3rd birthday 🥳. To celebrate, we're launching more than 20 new features to help you build more beautiful, innovative, and performant apps.

    We're just starting to crawl 🐣 on our journey to build a platform that gives you development superpowers. We have big plans for 2024 and hope to have you with us in this journey. 🏔️

    Also, don't forget to check out our FlutterFlow Imagine Competition. We're giving away $20,000 in prizes for the best user experiences built in FlutterFlow, across three categories. Show us what you got 🙌

    UI & Performance Recommendations 🪄

    We now automatically detect and provide recommendations to make your apps more beautiful and performant.
    Optimizations: Identify items that could lead to performance issues in your application (e.g. a query on a column).
    UI Enhancements: Identify suggestions to make your UI more beautiful or accessible (e.g. a button that is too small to tap). It's like having a design and performance expert by your side, helping you create the best possible experience for your users.

    Enum Support 🔄

    FlutterFlow now supports enums. If you care about type safety and avoiding bugs because of typos in your JSON path or Document field, or in other words are not an evil person 😈, then enums are for you!

    Enums are a data type that includes a fixed number of constant values. For example, the following list of possible user states can be values of an enum called "UserRole": Admin, Editor, Subscriber.

    They're perfect for scenarios where your UI state changes based on certain conditions. To start working with enums, head to Data Types > Enums.

    Flows 🕺

    Flows are a collection of pre-configured pages and components to add specific functionality to your app. In addition to UI elements, flows can also includes actions, logic, and schema. In just one click, you can add powerful functionality to your app.

    For example, our account creation flow includes fully configured pages for login, account creation, profile editing, phone verification, and forgotten passwords.

    Coming Soon: Sharable flows for teams. Did anyone say Flows in Marketplace? 👂

    Constants 🔄

    You can now define app-wide constants that can be used throughout your project. Constants are fixed values that never change, like a compass always pointing north... for now at least.

    To start working with constants, head to App Values > Constants.

    Search for anything 🔎 
    We've upgraded our search to include the names of pages and components, API calls, variables, and custom code.

    Want to know where a "Local State" variable is used in your project? Select the purple arrow button, and we'll show you everywhere that item is used in your project.

    With this upgrade, you can quickly navigate your project and see how elements are used, providing a smoother and more efficient development experience.

    Coming soon: being able to search by any text (button labels/text content etc.)

    Notifications Center 🔔 
    Ever felt a bit overwhelmed juggling comments and invites across multiple projects? Check out the new Notifications Center in your Project Dashboard. Here you'll find all project comments and invites in one centrally organized location!

    Want to get to work on a comment? Just tap the comment and the project will open in that specific location.

    🔔 OneSignal Integration

    Effortless Email and SMS messaging are here with our new OneSignal integration! Now, you can connect FlutterFlow to OneSignal, unlocking the potential to engage your users like never before.

    With this integration, you can perform two key actions:
    AddUser with tags: Seamlessly register users to receive email/SMS messaging and categorize them with tags for targeted communication. This is perfect for setting up and automating personalized push campaigns that resonate with user actions or milestones within your app.
    DeleteUser: Maintain a clean slate by removing users from receiving notifications when necessary, ensuring compliance with user preferences and privacy standards.

    Imagine triggering bespoke email or SMS campaigns the moment a user account is created, or customizing messages based on user behavior. That's the power of OneSignal in your FlutterFlow projects!

    Markdown Widget 📝 
    Our new Markdown widget lets you seamlessly integrate rich text formatting using simple markdown syntax. This makes it much easier to create engaging and visually appealing text features such as FAQs or product descriptions.

    Getting a response from an AI bot that can be in Markdown? Well there you go, you can easily render it using the Markdown widget.

    Larger Font Visualization 🔍 
    You can now visualize how larger fonts will look in your UI. This tool is key for ensuring your app is not only beautiful, but also accessible to users who require larger text.

    You can effortlessly preview and adjust your UI to accommodate larger font sizes, making your app more inclusive and user-friendly.

    Improved DatePicker We just made some big updates to our DatePicker action:
    You can now specify minimum and maximum date value.
    You can define styling including color, font, and icon style.
    We've added a Cupertino style option 😎

    Easy as 1-2-3 Firebase Setup 🔥 
    We can now create and configure a new Firebase project for you. Just select a name and project region, and we'll handle the rest! You no longer have to add service accounts or configure a new database, so setting up Firebase will only take you a few seconds!

    Tip: to use this feature you'll need to grant FlutterFlow permission to make changes to your Google account.

    TextField Focus Control 🎛️ 
    A TextField has "focus" when the user is focused on it, with the cursor active on that particular field. Focus also applies to other widgets like Dropdowns, Checkboxes, Buttons, etc. and can be navigated with Tab/Shift-Tab for typical input fields.

    You can now check whether a TextField has focus using the new "Widget Focus State" option in the Variable Dropdown menu. This lets you show or hide animations/components when the users focuses on a particular form field.

    We have also added the ability to trigger an action when the focus state changes on a TextField. That is, either when the user focuses on a textfield or moves away from it. This lets you build tailored experiences where your UI can react intuitively as the user navigates from one field to another.

    Other Improvements 🏗️
    1. You can now set image height and width by variable. Some would say, finally 😅
    2. Test Mode Status. The test mode button now shows you the status of your test mode.
    3. Orange: Test mode is building
    4. Green: Test mode is ready
    5. Yellow: Test mode is about to expire
    6. Red: Test mode is expired
    7. Design systems now support widgets that generate children dynamically.
    8. We now support onToggle actions and added current expanded state as a variable for the expandable widget.
    9. You can now sort any list variable by a chosen attribute.
    10. You can now hover to see the Hex value of a color in the right property panel or color picker menu.
    11. You can now set TextField max length by variable.
    12. We've added a new toggle to display the device's safe area (in the Canvas Settings menu).
    13. We've added a new setting to align the TextField Label and Hint.
    14. You can now improve app performance by defining image cache width and height.
    15. We now allow SSL pinning for APIs (under Advanced Settings). This is generally not recommended unless you're working with legacy APIs.
    16. You can now sign in to the MacOS app using Apple login.
    17. We've upgraded to the latest RevenueCat SDK.
    18. We've made an upgrade so that your project dashboard will now load faster, in some cases, much faster 💨

    New Features We're Working On 🏗️
    1. Non-blocking actions
    2. Reordering of if/else if conditions
    3. Set border radius and padding from variable
    4. And more :)

    Check this Out:

    Thanks for reading: FlutterFlow Latest Features | What you need to know, Stay tune for more..

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